As Sarah wrote yesterday, Joss Whedon announced at Comic-Con that the second Avengers movie would be called The Avengers: Age Of Ultron about a robot who is obsessed with immortality, or something. Look, google it if you want the nerd description. The point is, according to the geeks, he’s a formidable adversary and should give Tony Stark and his superhero friends some trouble. I say Tony Stark because without Iron Man, and specifically Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man, it’s a lot less appealing to me. This is why they paid him the cash money.

Sarah mentioned there’s also some time travel involved in the story. Which… is that how they’re going to retire RDJ from the character? He gets sent back 20 years to save the world and his younger self, in the form of another actor, comes back later after figuring out the science. No but wait, if he goes back in time he’s still the same age isn’t he? F-cking time travel, I never understand it.

Anyway, here’s RDJ being the best yesterday in Massachusetts, still working on The Judge, wearing a Bruce Lee t-shirt. RDJ practises Wing Chun which Lee famously practised before he made his way over to America. As a child of Hong Kong parents, I was raised to believe that Bruce Lee could take on anyone. Ultron? Pffft. No problem.