Tom Cruise was at that Joel Silver Memorial Day party in Malibu. So was Joel Silver. Joel Silver is producing Sherlock Holmes 2. Sherlock Holmes 2 opens on December 16. You know what else opens on December 16? Mission Impossible 4. Head to head!

So Robert Downey Jr was also there. As was Sherlock director Guy Ritchie with his pregnant girlfriend Jacquie. He must be in town cutting the film. Hope it’s good. I can’t remember if I liked the first one. Did I? I know I liked RDJ and Jude Law together a lot. I know I did NOT like Rachel McAdams which was heartbreaking. Supposedly she makes a brief appearance this time. Supposedly. But Noomi Rapace will be in it more.

Really wanted Brad Pitt to play Moriarty. The role went instead to Jared Harris. You may know him as Lane Pryce on Mad Men. Here’s an email I just sent to Duana 5 minutes ago:

“I didn’t know Lane Pryce was the Original Dumbledore’s son!!???!!”

Indeed, Richard Harris is his father. Or, if you prefer, Marcus Aurelius?

Maybe it’s just me. I never did associate Lane Pryce with such a bloodline. Moriarty it is!

Photos from and Whittle/