Johnny Depp is cool. No doubt. But RDJ is cool too. And RDJ is charming. I wouldn’t say charming is a Depp attribute. Too tanned and bloated however are two attributes he’s currently owning too often.

So, on this night, when Robert Downey Jr stood up and told all the ladies he wanted to f-ck them, while Johnny sat uncomfortably at his table, on this night we give it to RDJ. Because the aftertaste of The Tourist is still too fresh. Because this, obviously, this is not his environment. He doesn’t do the schmooze. The schmooze is RDJ’s territory. Here he is the King.


No one is > than Johnny?

Sometimes we look at people with History Glasses. History Glasses reflect a Johnny that is perfectly 35. Try to take off those History Glasses. When you do… you will see Johnny as he was in The Tourist. It’s not the same.

But where is Vanessa Paradis?

Duana says it’s nothing.

She says they knew it was a nothing occasion. That the Globes are a joke anyway. That she would rather stay home. It’s just…she’s been staying home a lot. Duana is right a lot though. She was right about Natalie Portman. (And we’ll get to this.) Let her be right.

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