Iron Man is amazing. Because Robert Downey Jr is amazing. I’m telling you… your loins will not disagree. You will come out of that theatre seriously considering him for your Freebie Five. Trust.

Here’s a taste of RDJ’s quiver yesterday as he arrived to tape Letterman, rocking that suit and wearing the sh*t out of those pants.

And you know what’s best about Robert Downey Jr? Robert Downer Jr knows how to flirt. Nothing sexier than a man who can flirt with aplomb. Like real flirting. Not The Hills flirting. When all they do is giggle between “so, like, whatevers, and totallys”.

Real flirting requires real words. And sentences. And clever phrasing. And a brain. Real flirting makes you feel like no other conversation ever mattered as much as the one you"re having while you"re flirting.

RDJ can flirt. Yum.

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