Coldplay performed at the Hollywood Bowl last night, the first of 3 sold out shows at the venue. Robert Downey Jr and wife Susan were there to support their friend Chris Martin. As you know, RDJ and Gwyneth Paltrow are super-tight. The Martins host the Downeys all the time in New York. This is your least favourite thing about RDJ, isn’t it?

Two days now until The Avengers opens. Ready? The reviews continue to be largely positive. The box office is bracing for a massive take. So RDJ, he just walks around making blockbusters now, is that it?

Next - Iron Man 3. Gwyneth will be back as Pepper Potts because, as you’ll see when you see The Avengers, Pepper makes Tony better, she really does; Shane Black who worked with RDJ in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is directing; and Jessica Chastain is coming on as a new sexy mysterious adversary/ally/temptation. Very promising. They start shooting in a couple of weeks. Which means RDJ has a few more days of fun and silliness before he sets back into superhero shape. Time to pull the Wing Chun out of the basement.