Arguments for:
- He now fronts two blockbuster franchises (Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes) and makes hit comedies and will get to work soon on The Avengers. RDJ is now one of the most profitable stars in Hollywood. So if it’s a popularity contest, well, he’s pretty popular.
- Clearly then he’s (mostly) forgiven for his past. Or maybe he’s forgiven because of it. Everyone loves a comeback story. RDJ was down and out, RDJ clawed his way. It’s the ultimate tale of trial, tribulation, and triumph. The MiniVan loves this.
- All the charisma in the world.

Arguments against:
- Everyone loves him, yes. But does everyone find him sexy? Is he universally sexy? Pause on that before you start yelling. Yes, I find him sexy. So hard. And you too? Great. But is RDJ a widely acknowledged sex SYMBOL? Are women around the world screaming “I want to f-ck RDJ so bad?” It’s debatable, and certainly not a slamdunk here.
- If it were up to me, 100%, People’s 25th SMA is RDJ, no question. But it’s always that past. Will they gamble on 25 years with his past over someone with an impeccable one? People Magazine is nothing if not risk averse.

Odds: 7 to 1

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