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I’m sorry. How could I have forgotten my RDJ? Your RDJ. Our RDJ.

He’s been very, very quiet lately.

Arguments for:

  • He’s the coolest cat ever
  • He is FUNNY. He is style. He is charm. He is the best. A sexy motherf-cker if there ever was one
  • Everyone loves a comeback. His has been a spectacular comeback. Lindsay Lohan should be studying his comeback
  • Very popular in the industry
  • Sherlock Holmes at Christmas, Iron Man 2 in the Spring. A huge promotional push should be starting soon with the might of Warner Bros behind him
  • And you know he’s a team player. When he has to, he will work it. Knowing him, he’d have so much fun with this title, he’d be so cheeky with it, they’d get mileage and more both the studio and the magazine

Arguments against:

  • People’s demographic doesn’t appreciate the RDJ. They have lame up their asses and they’d wank about his past. Guaranteed. Also, he cusses a lot. You know how it is. They don’t get him. He’s not flyover quiver material
  • RDJ is a badass. No matter how far he’s come, and how high he’s climbed back, there is something about RDJ that is still fringe. This is part of his appeal. The SMA is not fringe. The SMA is as un-fringe as it gets
  • He’s been so quiet. Where is he? It’s been an undercover-ish year for him. He’s been working, he’s been keeping it low. Right now he’s not part of their consciousness. And they need to have this sh-t pushed up in their faces

Odds: 12 to 1


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