Arguments for:
-Sherlock at Christmas, Iron Man in The Avengers in May, heΓÇÖs running the box office, heΓÇÖs never been more popular
-All thatΓÇÖs in the past now, right? He is the ultimate Comeback
-Happily married, wife expecting baby, itΓÇÖs the MiniVanΓÇÖs favourite subject: babies!
-Best personality ever
-Women adore him and men want to hang out with him

Arguments against:
-People hold grudges for a long ass time
-Mel Gibson
-DoesnΓÇÖt kiss enough MiniVan ass. Says what he means most of the time, and sometimes that makes him not as popular as he could be. See Mel Gibson.
-Is RDJ PEOPLE audience material? TheyΓÇÖll see his movies because theyΓÇÖre good movies, but do they want him in their living rooms? Like the same way theyΓÇÖd want Matt Damon in their living rooms? You see what I mean now, right?

Odds: 12 to 1