Marvel just confirmed that they’ve signed Robert Downey Jr, the biggest movie star in the world, for The Avengers 2 and 3. BOTH of them. Now remember, he made $50 million on the first Avengers. So ... I mean... whatever they offered him must have been very, very sweet. And Marvel isn’t exactly loose with their money.

RDJ’s been talking like he’s ready to walk away from Tony Stark. Whether or not that was strategy or authentic, it worked. Tony Stark will return...

But not alone.

Because the announcement makes NO mention of Iron Man 4. Which makes sense. He works a lot harder on the standalone Iron Man movies. He’s in every scene. There’s the physical component, yes, of course, as he’s turning 50 soon. But mostly it’s time. RDJ spends months and months and months filming Iron Man movies. For The Avengers, really, half his scenes, Tony’s in the suit, with the helmet on so that’s just a few days of studio work shooting close-ups of him inside the helmet talking to no one and pretending to look at all the computer screens Jarvis is pulling up for him. It’s a lot less consuming. It’s maybe a month TOPS on scenes of him without the armour. They do a great job of involving Iron Man through The Avengers that you don’t really notice until, um, you’ve seen the movie like 20 times and know it backwards and forwards. But if you break down the scenes, and which ones he’s actually required to be IN, it’s light. The amount of actual on set time he has to put in is light. Which gives him a lot of room on the schedule for other projects. AND he still gets the cash -- a major victory for him and for his team. Which includes Reese Witherspoon’s husband Jim Toth. RDJ just made him a huge percentage.

Here’s RDJ with Susan, in a very green mood, on the set of The Judge yesterday in Mills Falls, MA. Only RDJ in those pants, right? Only RDJ. Especially when he’s being so awesome with that kid.