For many people, it’s a foregone conclusion that Iron Man 3 will be the most highest grossing movie of the year. Can Man Of Steel challenge that? I saw firsthand this weekend how people feel about Superman. Don’t know if it’ll be able to get to the billion plus that IM3 has achieved but it’ll likely come in 2nd. And if that’s the case, it’ll be two in a row for Robert Downey Jr -- two years that he’s owned the box office.


Well, the negotiations are still ongoing with Marvel as to whether or not he’ll come back as Tony Stark. In the meantime, RDJ is working on something else -- a movie called The Judge with Robert Duvall. He plays a lawyer estranged from his father, a judge, who comes home to find that dad’s been charged with murder. They’re shooting in Boston (everything is shooting in Boston lately) and there was an open casting call last week. Can you imagine? Spending two weeks on a movie set with RDJ and getting PAID?

Here are the first shots of RDJ on set today. He looks GLORIOUS.