I talked to Maureen Callahan of the New York Post this weekend about Lindsay Lohan for an article she wrote about Crank Tweet and her ongoing shenanigans – click here to read. My contention is that it’s very unlikely that Lilo will come back. And then she asked why Robert Downey Jr came back. Many reasons. First, RDJ didn’t f-ck up in the age of TMZ. He wasn’t papped in various stages of f-ckedupness every single day. Those images are indelible. Of course there is some sexism involved too: women aren’t allowed to age in Hollywood, but men get better with it, and finally, probably most importantly, quite simply...

Talent for talent, personality for personality, Lindsay Lohan is not Robert Downey Jr. Not even close. The man IS charisma, quite possibly the most quotable celebrity right now.

Friday, Iron Man 2 photo call and press conference, 9 examples of why he really is the consummate entertainer.

On whether he ever dressed as a superhero growing up:
“Growing up, no, but in my mid-30’s in Palm Springs right before my arrest, yes.”

On Mickey Rourke accepting a question that had nothing to do with his character’s pet:
“Mickey, I’m sorry. Hold the hell up. Can we talk about the parrot? I don’t know why the parrot is not on the poster.”

On what he thinks a hero is:

“I think a hero is someone who, if abroad or traveling, they go to the GOOP website to see what shops to go to, what restaurants to eat at, what clothes to buy, and they do that not fearlessly but in spite of their fear.”

On doing sequels:

“Scarlett Johansson was in Home Alone 3. Don Cheadle was in [Ocean’s] 11, 12, AND 13!”

On a take where he got to kiss Gwyneth Paltrow:

“Despite what she said on set, she still thinks about it.”

On his wife Susan joining the Iron Man franchise as a producer:

“On a certain level, they might have thought she would tame me, but I was completely out of my mind.”

On a journalist who kept asking questions about why Sam Rockwell was missing from both the poster and the press conference:
“That’s enough. This is embarrassing. You’re embarrassing yourself.”

On Jon Favreau’s rapidly expanding screen time…and waistline:
“By the time we were doing reshoots, they were framing him out of shots.”

On the Iron Man 2 banner falling off the latticework behind them at the end of the press conference:
“Ladies and gentlemen, Sam Rockwell!”

Photos from Jason Merritt/Splashnewsonline.com