Robert Downey Jr and Rachel McAdams were photographed today working on Sherlock Holmes in London. The movie is due for a holiday release and Guy Ritchie has already been cutting it for months. Rachel will only be making a cameo in the film. Noomi Rapace is officially the female lead. And... um... good. I love Rachel but she, well, it wasn’t her best work. And I’m not sure she was right for the part.

Anyway, she’s in it briefly and she has other sh-t she’s working on so Rachel’s not what I’m worried about here. What I am worried about is why RDJ is working the Fu Manchu. Does he come with an accent too? This makes me a little cringe-y.

I know there’s a literary connection here. But you can’t tell me that every character and relationship that’s ever been a part of the Holmes library has been included in these movies, right? There have only been two!

Whatever. Maybe I’m too sensitive.

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