He will be shooting Sherlock Holmes with Guy Ritchie so as you can see RDJ is getting acquainted with London, out for a stroll today with a young woman, not his wife, though presumably not smutty either.

Iron Man the DVD will be released by the end of the month. Pre-orders are said to be healthy… especially since the extras are reportedly kick ass. Blooper reel with Gwyneth? Can’t wait!

From summer blockbuster to fall award season contender – RDJ will soon be ramping up promotion on The Soloist with Jamie Foxx, yet another film that they say has potential to earn some Oscar love in a very promising year. And come November, even Cindy McCain would agree with that old bat Barbara Walters when she names him one of her 10 Most Fascinating of 2008.

UPDATE: I'm f&cking blind today. That is his wife.

Photos from Flynetonline.com