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Robert Downey Jr was spotted in Rome this weekend with his son Indio. SO CUTE. They went sightseeing, they ate, they bonded, they took photos, and they spent some Iron Man money shopping for Italian goods. GOOD. On so many fronts, good. Because RDJ has worked hard. Back to back hard. So he’s earned it. But he also needs a break, especially since the Iron Man 2 press schedule is about to begin.

Perhaps it’ll begin in Europe. Likely. He could very well just stay there until all the fuss begins, waiting for Gwyneth to arrive in her high heels and her steamed cod. Oh and Mickey Rourke too. That carpet. Imagine that carpet. RDJ, Mickey, GOOP, Scarjo... it’s drama, although RDJ claims he and Mickey couldn’t have been closer on set:

“How bad-ass was Mickey with those whips?. But, really, at the end of the day, it’s just two schmucks in trailers and once in a while I'd be like, 'Hey, mind if I used your treadmill?' And Mickey goes, 'Yeah, you should try my weight vest. Helps you break the sweat quicker.' And I'd be, 'OK. See you on set, bad guy', and he'd say, 'OK, punk.' ” (Source)

As for Mickey’s involvement in Iron Man 2, RDJ revealed that:

“We fought for Mickey to be in our film but then he fought for us because his people were, understandably, like, 'Hey! He's a really big deal right now, and we want to make sure that he's gonna be properly serviced.' And Mickey made some really great choices, which is why we hired him as 'bad guy' Ivan Vanko because we figured he would.”

Heh. I really love how proud and protective he is of his franchise. It’s adorable. You must have seen the trailer by now, right? It’s sick. IM2 drops on May 7th.

Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com

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