The photo agency has photo sets of Angelina Jolie and Robert Downey Jr side by side. And they’re both smiling broadly. So then I thought to myself - have they ever done a movie together? What would that be like?

This is RDJ in England on the set of Sherlock Holmes, continuing with reshoots today and, happily it seems, not dressed up as Fu Manchu. RDJ’s wife Susan is pregnant with their first child. His son Indio just turned 18. There were rumours that Indio was dating Tallulah Willis for a while. Not sure how legit that was and besides, I feel like these days, or maybe all days, every teenager dates everyone they know for 5 minutes anyway.

As for the Jolie, she is also in England and was seen with son Maddox in great spirits at a flying lesson. This... is not the kind of outfit I would choose to fly in, but I’m not a pilot. Maybe that’s just more comfortable. But is it practical? If there’s an emergency? Perhaps she just wants to silence the pregnancy rumours. That does look like gorgeous material on the dress though.

Writing this article reminded me of the Golden Globes. I’ve attached the clip below. God I love him so much.

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