RDJ and Nic “True Detective” Pizzolatto are working together on a project for HBO. Is it a series or a TV movie? No idea. Will it be the Perry Mason update RDJ and Susan Downey have been developing for the last million years? Who knows. All that is known is that RDJ and Pizzolatto are collaborating for HBO on something in which RDJ will star and Pizzolatto will write, and it isn’t True Detective season 3. This will be RDJ’s first time on television since his truncated stint on Ally McBeal (and not counting vocal work for Family Guy). It’s been the case for years now that no one is too big for TV anymore, but in case you needed proof—Tony Stark is going to be on TV.

Really, we don’t know what RDJ and Pizzolatto are doing for HBO, but I do hope it’s the Perry Mason update. RDJ is the perfect guy to bring back Perry Mason, and frankly, HBO’s The Night Of isn’t doing it for me—Riz Ahmed is great but it’s just a fictionalization of Serial, and I’ve already heard that story. I would like a Mulligan on the HBO legal drama, please. And I would like to know when this is going to happen. The combined production of Avengers 3/4 starts later this year, and while actors won’t have to be on set the whole time, that shoot is going to go well into summer 2017 and will eat up a lot of time for the principal cast. So even if everything with HBO moves at light speed and encounters zero problems, it will be at least two years before we see what RDJ and True Detective come up with.