Robert Downey Jr is in London. He was photographed leaving Guy Ritchie’s house today. Guy Ritchie meanwhile was photographed last night after dinner with his new piece. It’s too hot for me to bother with knowing her name and, frankly, do we have to? I’m all Snooked and JWowwed and Levi’d out. Also, going by her expression, she’s really really into this. So why feed her?

RDJ is with Guy presumably to start work on the sequel to Sherlock Holmes which has been confirmed by Warner Bros for a December 2011 release. Previous reports had Daniel Day Lewis in as the villain, which would have been amazing, only that rumour has since been killed by DDL’s people. No surprise. The UK Sun was the outlet that originated the report. If you recall, they also claimed yesterday that Emma Watson would play Lisbeth Salander.

But seriously, wouldn’t you love to see DDL square off against RDJ? The Sun was wrong initially but maybe it’s a catalyst...

As of right now, Moriarty has yet to be cast although early speculation focused on Brad Pitt, equally awesome and equally un-slamdunk.

What we do know is that Jude Law will be back. And Rachel McAdams too, but likely in a limited capacity. Good. I mean I love her but it wasn’t her best, non?

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