Sarah mentioned in the previous article about Chris Evans that he was supposedly, um, pretty peppy at the premiere last night. I just watched all of them playing Family Feud on Kimmel before they hit the carpet and, with the exception of RDJ, I think all of them were lit.

Now normally I’d say over 8 minutes is way, way too long. But not when there are 6 superheroes divided into 2 teams of 3 and interacting with each other. In fact, this is the most I’ve liked Thor, like, EVER. Chris Hemsworth is a delight here. I can’t with the way they speak amongst themselves, literally, like siblings. Scarjo’s their only sister, telling them they’re all stupid boys. RDJ is snarky and impatient, as usual. Mark Ruffalo is the quiet one who has to keep Renner and Evans from getting completely sh-tfaced. My favourite part is when Evans interjects about when it’s the best time to go full Hulk. You know when I mentioned yesterday that this is the club you want access to? They’re selling the sh-t out of this fun, non?

And led by their fearless leader, Tony Stark. Who beautifully timed his debut on Instagram yesterday.



Come get me, Instagram...

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By the way, I’m now nerd enough to wonder whether or not Team Downey vs Team Evans means Civil War.