Last week Sarah wrote about the latest trailer for Captain America: Civil War. It was posted, however, with Iron Man as the feature photo. Click here for a refresher. Sarah did not appreciate this. Because I am Team Iron Man. I was told on Twitter that I’m on the wrong side of history. But Team Iron Man is totally Slytherin, isn’t it? Which makes Team Captain America totally Gryffindor, non?

Captain America isn’t going to be wrong. He’s for justice and morality, he will always do the right thing. Tony Stark? Wellllll… Tony Stark doesn’t like rules. And he doesn’t like authority. And he doesn’t like to be told what to. And he’s a charismatic narcissist who thinks he knows everything. I trade on vanity and self-absorption. Stark Industries is where I live.

This is really smart the way they’re marketing this movie. And it didn’t happen immediately. They’ve been putting this in play over the course of, what, 7 or 8 installments? So that it’s not just for comic book nerds. It’s for those of us who’ve consumed this as a major part of the pop culture landscape over the last few years - with a theme that’s universally relatable. You’re either Gryffindor or Slytherin. Aniston or Jolie. Cap or Iron Man. The Avengers are divided. And they’re encouraging the fandom to divide along those lines too. They encouraged it, playfully, at the Kids’ Choice Awards the other night. With a thumb fight.

So. Are you Team Cap? Or are you Team Iron Man? (Team Cap is much easier to say…)