If you were a Disney/Marvel publicist, last week probably wasn’t great. Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans were sexist (click here for a refresher). Robert Downey Jr walked out of an interview (click here for a refresher). Then he made headlines again for culturally insensitive remarks about Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. So disappointing. Because, beyond the fact that what he said was gross, and he’s supposed to be better than that, he wasn’t better than that. Dismissing someone’s criticism on the basis of his mother tongue? That’s so … grade school. And we thought RDJ was clever enough to debate Inarritu where it matters – the difference between them is exactly what’s wrong with the Oscars. Who better than RDJ, once nominated for an Oscar himself, to represent populist art, which is as valuable as the elitist art that Inarritu insists is the only sh-t that matters? It was ignorant. And it was a missed opportunity.

But it’s also a new week.

And it’s not like the controversy is going to have an impact on how well Avengers: Age Of Ultron performs at the box office anyway. So here are RDJ and Jeremy Renner, the two most unpredictable out of all of them, at the New York Stock Exchange today. What could go wrong?


Because if we’ve learned anything this past decade, it’s that Wall Street is probably more depraved than Hollywood. They simply can’t be offended.