All the Avengers showed up tonight at the UK premiere. They’ve been dividing press duties by territory but this market required full superhero participation. Full participation means Tony Stark has to show up. So here he is, Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr…

How do you feel about his lighter hair?

I like it. He looks so good. He looks like an advertisement for 50. 50 isn’t what it used to be.

As usual, because it’s his only footwear these days, RDJ is wearing kicks. And a Bill Gates t-shirt. And…


A morning coat in the place where morning coats are more common than anywhere else. But obviously not worn how morning coats are prescribed. Prince William, for example, would never wear a morning coat in this fashion. My friend Paolo, who’s been to Royal Ascot – in a morning coat, obviously – disapproves. And on the Queen’s birthday? My word!


I see no problem. I see only personality. Like, Leonardo DiCaprio couldn’t do it. And Johnny Depp used to be able to do it. But only RDJ can do it now, agree or disagree?

RDJ has the same tour schedule as his road dog, Mark Ruffalo. They were in Asia together all weekend. Wouldn’t you want to PA on that trip, even if you had to clean toilets?