Last month I posted an article about how much I appreciate the Captain America: Civil War marketing strategy. They want you to take sides. We are all inclined to take sides. As I mentioned then (click here for a refresher), it’s either Jolie or Aniston. In this case it’s Gryffindor or Slytherin. (Sarah: Who's always starting sh-t? Oh right, Gryffindor.) I am for Team Iron Man. Sarah is for Team Cap. And almost all of you are Team Cap too. Someone actually tweeted me the other day to say that I’m “on the wrong side of history”. Of course I am. But the fundamental difference between the Gryffindors and the Slytherins of the world, the Team Caps and the Team Iron Mans, the Thors and the Lokis, is that the ones who go down on the wrong side of history also have a lot more fun! (Sarah: What are you talking about, Gryffindor is the party house!)

That’s what Robert Downey Jr’s smirk represents. It’s the moment in that amazing trailer – see below – when Cap’s fighting to his last breath all like, “I could do this all day”, always that indefatigable courage and tenacity, without any joy – never, ever any joy – compared to Iron Man’s call to “Underoos” Spiderman after what must have been a bruising round of battle, the evidence of which is floating around his right eye, a quippy dick sh-t disturber to the very end, even if that end must be that he loses…because when is Cap ever wrong? Never!