Robert Downey Jr and Team Iron Man were in Paris earlier this week promoting Captain America: Civil War, technically the third Captain America movie but really the third Avengers movie. He’s now in Berlin for promotion and went shopping for his kid before meeting up for lunch with Daniel Bruhl.

Civil War opens next weekend. The reviews have been strong. Very, very strong. And so the box office projections are beginning. Right now they’re saying $175-180 million. But Sarah told me the other night that could be purposefully conservative because they’re actually thinking Civil War will go over $200 million. Whatever the actual number, it’s going to be massive. Which is massive for RDJ too. Because remember, he has the biggest back end deal of all the Avengers.

Anyway, while Team Iron is looking after Europe, Team Cap, those goody-goodies, has been in Asia. I would post these shots but they’re extra charge and I’m #TeamIronMan so I’m not spending money on them. What? I never said I wasn’t petty. You can see them here – click.