Dear Gossips,

Want to go for pizza?

Want to go for a pizza and a movie?

Want to go for pizza and a movie…with Robert Downey Jr?

He’s inviting you – for a good cause. And with a great video. I love this video. My favourite part of this video is when he shows us that he knows his light, like a proper diva. That’s what RDJ and Mimi have in common. Also, as someone who reads a teleprompter for a living, RDJ is a really good teleprompter reader. And I will never get tired of his victory walk and hand-signals. You remember in Iron Man 3 when he and Rhodey are at that oil tanker and Tony summons his boys for backup? Of course you don’t. Because, unlike me, you haven’t seen the movie 30 times. Click here to watch. “Take ‘em to church.” It’s his own way of crossing himself. God I love him. He’s such an irresistible dick. #TeamIronMan for life!

Yours in gossip,