RDJ & his Real Wife in Paris

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 15, 2013 13:51:06 April 15, 2013 13:51:06

And when he’s off the carpet, he’s with Susan and little Exton. Oh hi Exton! Exton is just over a year old now. Looks like he might have dad’s flair for fashion. Those are some cute kicks. And is that red plaid on his pants?

Speaking of pants...

Good ones on RDJ here, non? I love him.

I love that he’s hamming outside his hotel for fans and paps. I love his hair cut short like this and styled to the side. I love that he’s still a little bit crazy but can happily admit to being a card carrying executive member of The Corporation now and doesn’t give a sh-t if you don’t think that’s hardcore enough (ahem, Johnny Depp).

By the way, Avengers 2 is scheduled for 2015. RDJ will be 50 by then. That’s Tom Cruise’s current age. God, who would have thought, 10 years ago, that in a decade RDJ would be, arguably, the biggest movie star on the planet, and Tom Cruise would become a joke at the movie awards?

KCS Presse /Splash News, WENN

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