A few select messages from my mailbox:

We have come to Vancouver from South America to see Robert Pattinson. Please Lainey tell us how we can see him! From Anna

Lainey I know you’ll call me a loser fan but he’s right here in our city and I just need a glimpse so can you have pity on an obsessed Rob Patts fan and just give me a clue where he’s staying……. PLEASSSSE!!!!!!! I swear I’m not one of those ‘moms’!!!!! Lol From Lisa

Your a bitch and you’ll prob delete this but if you decided to be nice it be great if you could tell us where to find Rob in Vancouver. We support him in everything and deserve to see him more than you.
From Georgia

You’ve been very vague about the Twilight cast details in regards to specific location. You say “a local pub” or “going for sushi”. Can you tell us exactly where to find them? Thanks for listening, Jamie.

I’m sorry… I can’t.

But am told this is his new GQ cover (April), does that help? Thanks to all of you who’ve sent this over. Apparently the photo shoot took place in December, just before he cut his hair…? He does have great hair. And it is indeed a hot photo. You will note however – his mouth is slightly open. See???