Many of you lusty Robert Pattinson fans pounded my email yesterday needing more details, annoyed and insisting I should have been stalking him and not Grey Goose. This is crazy talk.

But… I will try to make up for it.

First – some of your pressing questions.

Was the young aunt-ish looking woman a girlfriend? Any romantic vibes?

Not the normal kind. But maybe that’s not his style, awkward as he is. He did sound squeaky when he was telling her to go in from the cold. And this was when her arm was linked with his… so I guess, if you really want to stretch, I guess that might be a reasonable assumption…?

How tall is he?
Standing next to him, he seemed slightly shorter than my husband. But he was slouching. My husband is just shy of 6 ft 1.

What does he smell like?

Yes… SEVERAL of you asked. All I smelled was cigarette smoke around the valet area.

Next…as a visual peace offering and stimulation, if this is your thing…

Vintage Pattinson circa 2006. Thanks Denise!

From Nylon Magazine. The caption as follows:

Rob, 19
I'M WEARING the only things I've got

Am I forgiven?