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I prefer it to constipation face – check out Robert Pattinson in costume in England today shooting Bel Ami. More of this please and less of the moony, tortured love sickness face we’re forced to endure through Twilight and all its sequels. At least with a scowl it looks like he *might* have some bite. For those who can assess Pattinson objectively, there’s always that question of whether or not he actually has a personality.

The scowl kinda helps with that. And maybe he’s scowling for a reason. Remember Me debuted in only 5th place this weekend for just over $8 million. While Pattinson’s first post-Twilight non-Twilight effort opened at less theatres than other premiering films, its per theatre average wasn’t impressive either – surprising considering the Twilight Nation’s ability to mobilise and clearly it didn’t. Will Twi-Hards only support him when he’s kissing Bella Swan?

Remember Me
’s unremarkable performance puts into question whether or not Pattinson can headline anything beyond Edward Cullen. They need to seriously think through their moves if he wants to avoid being Orlando Bloom. And this includes over saturation. Maybe he needs to disappear for a while. But it’s always hard. Actors are innately insecure creatures. There’s always the fear that when you go away, no one will miss you.

Or... perhaps his photo assumption scowl has nothing to do anything other than the fact that these are the most unflattering f-cking pants ever. His ass looks enormous. This boy is so attractive. And he keeps working on films where they don’t know how to dress him.

As for an update on what’s happening on the 4th installment of the Twilight Saga – British Columbia just introduced new tax credits on film productions and I’m told producers are once again optimistic about shooting in Vancouver and the possibility of a slighter better percentage. And there is a contingency plan in place. Studio space has supposedly been reserved on back up in Toronto for a fall shoot schedule should the situation in BC fall through. They apparently expect it to be a lot of interiors. Nothing happens though until a script is ready. And it’s still not ready and it’s still not decided between one or two films and word is Stephenie Meyer is reviewing some of the adaptation details and this is just one of the reasons there’s been a delay.

Meanwhile Kristen Stewart was photographed at LAX today. Her film The Runaways premieres on Friday.

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