Girl Sh-t is the best sh-t, yes. But occasionally Boy Sh-t is pretty great too. Today in Boy Sh-t, according to Us Weekly, Robert Pattinson and Andrew Garfield were at a wedding together a couple of weeks ago and wouldn’t speak to each other even though they used to be friends. Apparently Andrew considers Pattinson acting to be on the same level as Justin Timberlake’s. And of course, though Us did not mention it, there’s the whole Shannon Woodward situation. Click here for the background on that one. In short - Andrew broke up with Shannon and Pattinson and Stewart are still tight with her. From what I hear, Andrew’s feelings on Pattinson’s abilities, or lack thereof, aren’t new. The sneering started when Twilight broke. And now that he has his own box office hit, along with Broadway credentials, and the film prestige that came with The Social Network, I imagine his position on this won’t change any time soon. In public, of course, they will deny there’s any tension. Of course they will. In private? In private I wonder how it will affect the girlfriends. Usually it’s the other way around, right? Interestingly enough, you could have written the same story about the girlfriends (and who knows, In Touch Weekly just might go for it) seeing as Emma Stone and Kristen Stewart, along with Jennifer Lawrence might just be the top young 3 in Hollywood right now. Refreshingly enough, there is no drama between any of them. This time we’ll leave that to the dudes.   

Here are Pattinson and Stewart arriving in San Diego together for Comic-Con today before the Twilight panel. She’s making me hard in that white shirt.