Robert Pattinson returned home to London today in advance of the UK premiere of Twilight. How much you want to bet Sienna Miller will be all over this in a matter of days? If she isn’t already?

Not likely. Not yet. Rob apparently went straight to his parents’ so Sienna will have to wait until tonight. Perhaps he’ll go out, hook up with his friends, restore his English good sense after spending too much time in LA. Ugh. LA spoils everything.

Before leaving LA however, Rob hooked up with Camilla Belle for lunch on Sunday. They’ve been friends for a while, she was rumoured to have been dating his mate Tom Sturridge, and of course most recently, not even a month ago, People Magazine reported that she was/is the new girlfriend of Joe Jonas, replacing Taylor Swift….which means at least one of them wanted that to get out. Which says more about Camilla than it says about Joe.

Camilla is 3 years older than he is. How many 22 year old gorgeous girls have time for 19 year old vagina virgins working for Disney? Especially a girl who actually spends most of her time hanging out with ragtag hard living young struggling British actor-slash-musicians?

Needless to say, Camilla Belle needs name recognition. The previous strategy was to attach herself to a Jonas and roll that out Shelfy styles.

Now however…a wonderful gift. Speculation is beginning to build around Camilla and Rob. These photos will only fuel it.

But this is Hollywood. And in Hollywood, there is ALWAYS a backstory.

Rob is currently the Crown Prince of Summit Entertainment. Just a year ago, Summit Entertainment was a fledgling film studio with the foresight to acquire the film rights to a series of teen cheese books called Twilight. Given Twilight’s box office triumph, Summit Entertainment is suddenly a player. But Summit needs to build momentum.

Summit’s next release is a movie called Push due out in February.

Guess who stars in Push?


Camilla Belle.

Too easy, right?

And really too boring.

Best to find some love drama in London. Like Sienna. Or Peaches Geldof. Yesssss. Peaches Geldof! Anyone but Lindsay Lohan. Anyone but Ebola Hilton. And you know those two will be circling…

For many more photos of Rob and Camilla making cute together, click here.

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