T-Pain claims it was an April Fool’s Day joke. But US Weekly, E! News, and PEOPLE are all insisting that Robert Pattinson and FKA twigs are engaged, no prank, no fraud. PEOPLE, in fact, keeps following up on the engagement, posting another report about how Kristen Stewart isn’t bothered by the news.

So everyone wants to believe it. Except for the diehard Robstens who continue to insist that all of this is an elaborate cover-up because Stewart and Pattinson are actually married in real life and have a secret baby. Remember that crazy-ass Benedict CumHard Tumblr I linked to a couple of weeks ago (click here for a refresher)? Let’s re-link to the TwiHard equivalent. Click here.

The rest of us are curious about what this wedding might look like. Hipster Cirque du Soleil?

Check out Pattinson at the gym the other day after the engagement reports had broken. Word is he’ll be at Coachella this weekend for twigs’s performance.