When I wrote about Robert Pattinson and FKA twigs a couple of weeks ago in NYC, and how often they were getting papped, and how that reminded me of Ryan Reynolds taking on the pap personality of the women who were in his life – click here for a refresher, Pattinson defenders were all like, yeah but her tour dates are public knowledge, as an explanation. So here they are in LA on Friday out for a walk and then lunch, nowhere near a tour venue. I don’t see a tour venue. But I do see some evidence of lust haze. And I don’t blame him.

Apparently even Prince is impressed with FKA twigs. She performed at Paisley Park last week while he observed her from his purple couch and was so inspired by what he saw that he threw down a version of Let’s Go Crazy that was memorable, even by his standards. Click here for more details.

And so I have to come back to this…Robert Pattinson…

How is HE keeping this girl interested?