Robert Pattinson is in New York on the morning show circuit to promote The Rover. I quite like his sock choice. Out of Cannes, everyone was saying that his performance in the film is the best of his career. He has a supporting role in both The Rover and Maps To The Stars and seems to be settling nicely into a non-lead position. Play that position then. Don’t be Orlando Bloom.

As for his love life, Page Six reported the other day that Pattinson and Katy Perry were “heavily flirting” at The Rover after-party last week in LA. At one point, when he had walked away from her, he was apparently overheard saying, “She’s so f-cking hot”. This is supposed to mean that they’re f-cking.

But a week ago she was giving people signs on Instagram that she’s banging Diplo…? Click here for a refresher on that.

Still, they keep trying to make Pattinson and Perry happen. Why? What is it about these two in particular that people think will make a great gossip romance? I’m all for Gossip Genie-ing celebrity couples, of course, but there’s nothing here for me. I’d rather see her with Chris Martin. And I’d rather see him with… oh, I dunno, Selena Gomez? Think of how Justin Bieber would lose his goddamn mind over that.