Yes. I can confirm that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are currently in Vancouver prepping for the Twilight Sequel New Moon. Go get her Emily! Arrived yesterday late afternoon, Rob was taken out a side/back entrance to avoid being attacked by twi-hards.


In my city.

They are nothing if not tenacious, and f-cking crazy. Which is why Rob’s movements are being kept super secret service to keep the freak moms away from disrupting production.

Anyway, before leaving, on Tuesday night, as I mentioned earlier, Rob was seen on the bar circuit in LA hanging out with a group of friends, and I’m told that among them was none other than…

Megan Fox.

There was no cuddling or canoodling, nothing smutty – disappointing, non? – but the potential is intriguing, oh la.

For her especially.

Like who the f-ck is Brian Austin Green? The marketing potential is amazing. If I’m her people, I’m all over it like Jessica Biel.

And think of how it will cause widespread heartbreak among the crazies. My inbox will suffer today, no doubt.

Rob and a highly sexualised vamp instead of the mousy ordinary of Stephenie Meyer’s dreams…?


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