More kissing...and Photo Assumption

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 27, 2009 15:04:00 May 27, 2009 15:04:00

Not to me...

But if it’s one thing you Twi-hards love it’s Photo Assumption.

You’ve seen him shirtless, you’ve seen her kissing him shirtless – Kristen Stewart has a GREAT ass – but check out these new shots of them AFTER the cameras stop rolling. A light moment sure to be interpreted as something more.

This is what makes Photo Assumption so fun.

I see two friends on set following an intimate scene. Twi-hards will see the great romance of the modern era. Scream away!

It’s cute the way she has to stand on his feet.

As for that update on Erika Dutra (rumoured to be in an off/on relationship with Kiki Dunst's brother) who appeared to have sold out Robert Pattinson in Cannes – she’s actually from money. Her family is quite wealthy. They own a big company. So if it wasn’t for the cash, was it for the fame?

Of course. Always.

Back in LA, Erika is supposedly claiming that it wasn’t her fault even though she spoke to the highly reputable Star Magazine. Snort. According to my sources, Erika says that she was duped by another friend who took the photo and paid her rent off of it. I hear that she’s also privately confirming to people that nothing happened. They talked for a few minutes, the “betrayer” friend convinced her to sit beside Pattinson, so she did, their conversation was brief, did not continue anywhere else, and before you know it her face is in every tabloid.


Photos from Italypress News / Splash News

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