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Quick note, an addition to my New Moon review – click here for a refresher. Here’s a detail I forgot to add:

What’s with trying to be the Emperor from Star Wars?

“Jacob” and “Edward” pull their dicks out over “Bella”. So the Wolf comes out and then Edward draws his hand back (you can see this in the trailer) like electric bolts are about to come out of his fingers. This is how vampires throw down? By imitating George Lucas? You will ROAR at this part if you haven’t already.

So anyway, last night in New York, D&G put up some money to attach the brand to New Moon at the screening, thereby attracting bigger names than Diddy at his dumbass birthday party. Once again, Kristen Stewart pulled out the style porn. This is how you dress her, see? Love the drama around the eyes, love the hair, love the pose, and actually love the look of the Burberry trench more than the dress.

After the premiere, almost everyone was at the Box for the afterparty. Almost everyone. But not Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. They were expected, yes. But Pattinson was not permitted to enter by his own security. At least that’s what the official excuse is. It was hot inside, they said it was “too crowded”, and even though the venue had specifically held an area for him, large enough to accommodate a Mimi-sized entourage, he did not enter, and he and Stewart went elsewhere instead. The rest of the cast however happily stayed.

Pattinson and Stewart ended up at Soho House with his friends including Tom Sturridge. Makes sense, very British. Here they are, photos taken of them in the Meatpacking. After Soho House they hit up Avenue. Yes Twi-Hards, they are inseparable.

As you can imagine, I was hatemail bombed yesterday following my review of New Moon.

Haven’t had a chance yet to go through them all, still buried under the ones from the Sexiest Man Alive fallout. But first, before the Twi-Hard mail, here’s something to level the playing field. Longtime reader Douglas H always offers the best Would You Rather Rossum answers and he wrote to me the other day, baffled by the Twilight crazy. His email cracked me up:

I have never read or seen anything twilight related.. And no desire to.. But I was wondering.. WTF is up with these books turning women into big homo haters? I noticed its kinda of a trend in the awesome hate mail they send you.. But I work with one, and just listened to her rant for a good 20 minutes about that thing with the hair not winning sexiest man alive.. Well apparently this is because everyone from Depp to Pitt to Jerry O is a big "fag".. Seriously,.these people need HELP!

Now, on to the hate:

You know why you didn’t like New Moon, it’s because your retarded! You know why you don’t want babies? It’s because you’re a mongooloid! Who cares what you think LAMEY. TwiFans rule!
From Ellen T

Lainey, Rob isn’t constipated. That’s real emotion on his face but you wouldn’t know real emotion if it punched you in the c-nt. Face it, there’s a reason millions of people have connected to this story. It’s because this is how love should be. Love is about loss and redemption. Love is kind and patient. Love is hard. But love will win in the end. Just like New Moon even though haters like you try to bring it down. You fail at life bitch.
From Maggie

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