The Twilight promotional tour is on a relentless roll.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at LAX today heading out for more publicity. Hopefully some shameless dumbasses will rush the first class cabin to ask for autographs, similar to what happened on their flight from Toronto to Los Angeles… WTF?

As you can see, Kristen is joined by her boyfriend, maybe to help her deal with her awkward feelings for Rob? Or even to curb them? I forgot to mention something from my behind-the-scenes report the other day.

After the interview, after Kristen’s noticeable discomfort when talking about Rob, during which he was listening intently, and even teasing her a little, he went to her privately and very sweetly apologised, perhaps admitting that he should have been quicker to rescue her.

She was her usual reticent self. And they went on maintaining their usual awkward chemistry.

Now that she has the boyfriend with her, Twilight superloser hopes of the two eventually Notebooking it are probably delayed. Or not. These things have an interesting way of working themselves out. Sometimes it takes a buffer to bring you closer.

I truly truly hate myself.

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