Twihards have been holding their breath for days – report after report was released that Robert Pattinson would leave London to present at the Oscars.

This is Rob yesterday on Rodeo Drive, perhaps getting fitted for a tuxedo? Looks like he’ll be at the Kodak on Sunday… poor thing.

Yes, Rob is back in Los Angeles, to be hunted now by Lindsay Lohan and Ebola, whenever it returns from New York. Am told by very tight sources that Rob was resisting the invitation and preferred to fulfill a few longstanding commitments with old friends. Unfortunately professional pressures forced a change in plans. Summit, having just seen a box office bomb with Push, is releasing the Twilight DVD in March. Best push for big sales = Edward Cullen. Nothing gets the super fans and those loser moms going harder.

There’s also Little Ashes, a film Pattinson worked on before Twilight, now capitalising on Rob’s newfound fame, scheduled to hit theatres in the next few weeks too.

More importantly though, the Oscar presence is critical. His agent is telling him that. Pattinson dropped out of Parts Ber Billion due to Twilight sequel shooting conflicts. He currently has no other projects on the go. There is a concern he’s being labelled as simply “that Twilight guy”.

Oh the Twilight albatross.

And oh the LipGloss showdown!

Word is Zac Efron is presenting too. And… singing? Something from High School Musical apparently. Snort.

Lippy to face his nemesis! Lippy won’t be eating!

If I were the Academy, I’d make them present TOGETHER.

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