There is actually something to be thankful for today re: the UGH that is known as Twilight. Because the very, very best thing about Twilight is what it’s doing to Zac Efron.



Ignore the fact that Twilight’s success is making the insufferable Stephenie Meyer so smug. Just picture LipGloss stomping his feet around his bedroom, open hand slapping his own doll, while ripping the new cover of Entertainment Weekly to shreds.

For like the fourth f-cking time this year (overkill!), Robert Pattinson graces the cover as the magazine reveals new details on the sequel (the cast heads to Rome) and a rather interesting analysis about why the movie became such a smash hit: marketing it to men through a misleading trailer –most of them left disappointed – ended up paying off quite well, at least in the first weekend.

Click here for the full article.

As for Little LipGloss… he knows he’ll have to dial it up and his straightening iron won’t go down without a fight. We’ll be hearing from him soon.