This is Robert Pattinson in Australia where he’ll be shooting a new movie and staying a while, presumably because it’s not like it’s easy flying back and forth to LA from Adelaide which is apparently where he was headed. So if you live in Adelaide, look out. It might get sh-t crazy. When Pattinson was in Vancouver working on the Twilight movies, people in the city lost their f-cking minds. There were Twi-Hards trying to get into the hotel, there were Twi-Hards lying about cancer-stricken family members to scam their way on set...even in New York they almost took him down in the middle of the street, remember? Click here for a refresher.

Are Aussie Twi-Hards more chill?

Twi-Hards were certainly not chill yesterday when the UK Sun, which might even be more sh-t on reliability than Radar and the Daily Mail, reported that Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had broken up, even though they were just seen together at a Golden Globes after-party.

They’re fine.