Jordana, Key Hair Stylist on The Social, and I looked at these photos together this morning in my office when she was working on me. And both of us were like… what is going on with Robert Pattinson? Because neither of us have been into it before. And now, at least for the last week (starting at the MOBO Awards – click here for a refresher), where did this come from?

Robert was at the GO Campaign gala last night in Hollywood. It’s the third year in a row that he’s attended. You’ll recall, last year he showed up like this:

That’s pretty much how attracted I was to Robert Pattinson until 7 or 8 days ago. Anyway, FKA twigs was there with him, the first time he’s had a date to this event. Also the first time he’s been to this event engaged. It’s about as solid of a confirmation as it gets.

Over dinner and the auction, twigs and Robert sat with Katy Perry. He was also photographed with other celebrities in attendance – Kate Hudson, Ewan McGregor. It’s the Katy Perry picture that’s getting the most attention though. Katy and Robert have known each other a while and were once rumoured to be hooking up (even though they’ve always claimed to be just friends). I’m not sensing any awkwardness in these shots that would suggest that Katy and RP have that kind of history though, are you? That said, in Hollywood, if you got awkward any time one of your former f-cks was around, you’d be in a state of perpetual awkwardness. By now, they’re probably used it.