Here’s a little more Rob for the Twi-hards and horny cougars (is that rude?). Robert Pattinson at the amfAR auction with Sharon Stone and later leaving the hotel to attend a premiere.

What can I say about Rob?

Overall, a good looking guy. Like Guillaume, has the whole chisel thing going on with the character nose. Hair like my wife wants me to have except I can’t help but flatten it after attempting something like this for 5 seconds.


There’s the legs. Similar to my take on Zac “BlenderLegs” Efron, he’s got something odd going on with the way he walks and stands. Am attaching a photo (last in the set) of him from the photo call by the water the other day. Looking pretty good above the waist, not so good below the waist. Legs mangled.

Now…I can relate. I was pretty skinny in my early 20’s and never liked how my legs looked in pants. I’ve filled out a bit now so I don’t pay much attention, but here’s a tip for Rob until he lets his 30’s bring on the mass. Don’t put sh-t in your pockets during a photo shoot if your legs account for 1/8th of your bodyweight. It’ll never look good.

Written by Jacek
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