Received an email this morning from Carol-Anne. Carol is a Twi-Hard but is not crazy. And she was initially skeptical about crazy reports on my site about the lunatics. She, um, has since been convinced. I think it was the tattoos.

Anyway, about Carol-Anne’s message this morning – it was more of a request:

Had a great weekend, but am paying for it now. My stomach hurts and my head is fuzzy. Please Lainey, could you post some pictures of Rob for me today? He's like my anti-Ebola. Just looking at him makes everything seem better.

Cure for hangover = unrequited lust?

Carol-Anne is a longtime reader. This is for Carol-Anne. Robert Pattinson looking like how Carol-Anne feels in New York continuing to shoot Remember Me this morning. Not that these photos are any different from the thousands of other photos that have already been taken of him shooting these scenes over the last few weeks, and he wears the same thing over and over again…

But Twi-Hards never tire of seeing him.

Ready for new hatemail?

This is from Tammy in Seattle.

Hello Lainey,

You should stop calling all twilight fans as racist and crazy, you should also stop trying to make us feel bad for liking the books. The books are awesome and amazing! Just because you read boring books you don’t get it, you namedroped that writer so I checked it out and that’s the problem with your snooty tastes of critics, dead authors cannot write for these times. Bella and Edward are a story of all times but very modern.

Am assuming Tammy is referring to my post mentioning A S Byatt? Just in case…

A S Byatt is alive and, presumably, well.

Just finished her latest The Children’s Book. Masterful, as usual.

But I have snooty tastes of critics. What do I know? It’s because I’m Chinese.

PS. His mothering hips are back.

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