A very pretty birthday

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He really did look extra pretty on his birthday. Especially the close up on his face, see? Framed by his hood, mouth closed in a semi pout, Robert Pattinson quivered the loyal fans waiting outside in the rain last night as he celebrated his birthday at Glowbal in Yaletown. He did not disappoint, gamely signing autographs and posing for photos before leaving.

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Started out as a small group, just RP and an older gentleman, Kristen Stewart, and his friend Sam Bradley but others arrived as the night progressed: Ashley Greene, Jamie Campbell Bower, Charlie Bewley were the other Twilight actors in attendance and several other non-famous folks toasted Pattinson’s 23rd. Noticeably absent: Taylor Lautner. He was with Selena Gomez last night and am told may not have been invited.

The best part about all of this is that there were reporters from at least 2 tabloids inside the restaurant all night observing the festivities. Cannot wait to hear how different their stories are. Several more pap agencies have also come to town hoping to cash in on Twi-hard devotion.

So what happened inside? Did Robert propose to Kristen and insist that they get married before they have sex? Did he take her up to the treetops and twirl her hair between his fingers?

Just realised…

Rossum IS perfect for Stephenie Meyer.

Unfortunately for the diehard romantics, it was just a night out with friends. Like you would at a large table, people moved around a lot. For much of the night, Kristen sat several seats down from Robert. Occasionally she’d get up and sit beside him, as would others. Wish I could tell you that they brought in a piano and he played her a lullaby but, sorry, nothing gossipy to report. Unless you want to take it upon yourself with how it ended.

After obliging his tenacious followers, Pattinson jumped into a cab with 4 others to return to hotel. Kristen was among them. There you go! Fan fiction time! Remember, Stephenie Meyer turned it into a multimillion dollar franchise. You can too!

Will I spoil it for you when I say they both had an early pick up this morning? Very early. Shooting Bella bedroom scenes. He goes through her photos and she cries and mopes some more when there are no photos. Also something about her opening her eyes and there he is beside her waiting for her to wake up. Pattinson is concurrently continuing green screen work with the other vampires. Winding down his stay in Vancouver.

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