Arguments for:
- His prettiness
- His hair
- Courting the Twilight fanbase: they put their cash money where his face is. It’s an automatic sale. And they are f-cking crazy enough to buy several copies for each person.

Arguments against:
- Pattinson currently has nothing to promote. With another year to go until the next Twilight film is released, the fever has abated slightly, or perhaps it’s just hiding in a crazy cave until the right time. The right time could be 2011 when Breaking Dawn Part 1 hits theatres.
- Still no Man Cred: Pattinson may elicit an instant swoon in (some) women but he absolutely does not have the crossover factor that so many previous SMA winners possess. Does this matter? Of course this matters. Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Hugh Jackman, Matt Damon – go down the list of past SMA winners and the common denominator is that almost all of them have Dude Approval. Robert Pattinson is deficient in this regard
- Does he want it? Pattinson seems reluctant to be known primarily for being a heartthrob. Sometimes he even seems to be actively campaigning against it. While the SMA doesn’t always have to participate in the issue, this year, considering it’s the 25th year, they probably want to choose someone who’d willingly accept it. And I’m not sure Pattinson would.
- Beyond Twilight, Pattinson is not a proven commodity. He knows too that his work is cut out for him outside of Edward Cullen. Until that’s confirmed, it’s too early to make this kind of declaration. Look at the list of names that have come before. These are names that will remain relevant for years. Bestowing the 25th annual SMA on a boy we may or may not care about in 2 years is more than a little premature.

Odds: 30 to 1

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