The girl Robert Pattinson was photographed with last week? Musician Tahliah Debrett Barnett, aka FKA twigs. US Weekly is reporting that he’s dating her. Apparently she thinks he’s “unbelievably handsome”. So because she’s not that famous yet in her own right (though well on her way), she’s the one who’s lucky to be with him.

Sure. On paper, that sounds about right. But several of you sent me some videos last week of her performing. Check it.

Yeah. A reader called “e v” wondered last week if Robert Pattinson could handle this.

I’d be impressed if he could handle this. But I don’t think he can’t handle this.

I can understand however why he would want us to think he could though. Look what Michelle Rodriguez did for Zac Efron. Not that the circumstances are exactly the same between Pattinson and Efron. Pattinson’s romantic preferences are not Efron’s romantic preferences. But there’s a certain image modification both could use to extend their demographics. Look at her on that stage. The implication: if he can satisfy her…

Do you believe Robert Pattinson could satisfy FKA twigs?