Many of you have emailed about some tabloid story reporting that Robert Pattinson was struck in the head during New Moon shooting in Vancouver.

He hasn’t started shooting. Makeup, screen testing, and training…but not shooting. Relax twi-hards. It never happened. He wasn’t hurt. Trust.

The smell on the other hand… well the smell is a different story entirely. Apparently Pattinson is loathe to clean himself and the stank coming off of him, his colleagues can’t stand it. Robert has been training every day. Cable, wires and underwater. Then he chainsmokes. And locks himself in his hotel room the rest of the time…

Yeah no, fresh is probably not the best way to describe it. This however is part of his appeal …? So I’m told. And his funk was also alluded to in that recent GQ article too as the journalist noted: His clothes smell like he has recently purchased them off the back of someone less fortunate than he.

A little psychoanalysis, shall we?

Does Robert Pattinson hate his own pretty?

Is the lack of personal hygiene an attempt to escape the heavy burden of being so beautiful?

More importantly…

At what point does quiver come before cleanliness? For me, it would have to be someone with a legacy. I wouldn’t sacrifice the olfactory senses for a young sparkler in his first year of stardom, you know?

Johnny Depp?

Yes. Of course.

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