His hair cut has helped a lot, and now Robert Pattinson is rescuing puppies on the set of his next movie Water for Elephants – is this a campaign?!? And it looks like a Jack Russell Terrier too, not some designer canine butterfly so, yes, of course this is hot. Dog loving is hot. It’s one of the hottest things about Jacek, my husband, that he’s never met a dog that doesn’t totally fall in love with him.

Speaking of dogs, we are having some issues today.

Marcus was spoiled last night with some bones. All night he was uncomfortable, and all f-cking day he’s been gassing me out of this house. I’m already sick with the flu and a weak constitution and now his stank is stanking up every room. It’s a serious problem for me. We are sending him to his nanny. Conveniently there’s a birthday party happening at daycare later.

What? This is the reality of dogs. They don’t just get held by pretty actors and stay flatulence-free like in the movies.

As for Robert Pattinson, he was looking much older in Eclipse. They need to make those final movies happen soon, because someone is in a hurry to grow up.

And now, for that Twi-Hard hatemail I’ve been promising, here are a few selections.

This one is from Jennifer. It’s short, but there’s some brilliance. You’ll know when you read it:

Bitch what the f-ck is your problem with Rob? He works hard and is a true guy, such a real humanity person but you just dump on him all the time. Did he reject you in Van or something? (Jennifer)

I hope to be a Humanity Person one day.

Next message comes courtesy of TP:

You wrote back to me a long time ago and I appreciate that. But lately, over the last year, I have been trying very hard to remember that email because now I just hate you so f-cking much. You keep calling that f-cking bitch KStew his girlfriend. That lesbian? Who’s paying you slant eyes? Stop vomiting what everyone else is vomiting and recognize that Rob is too good for that ugly dike. You are better than this and it’s time to tell you the truth. (TP)

Finally, from Mary:

I finally realized when I was reading your review of Eclipse what it is about you. It hit me in the part when you said that they talk to much and that’s when it hit me that you can’t communicate. That’s why you hate Twilight. You feel umcomfortable to talk and be open. You hide behind your blog and don’t come outside. I think you live in a fantasy world with friends and a husband because you just can’t talk. Talking is what Twilight is. It teaches us to give completely to another, by expressing everything of the love and the desires and the fears and that’s how you get close. It’s not about vampires, the true story is connection. It is a lesson for us all. I hope you will learn it one day. Please print my letter. I hope to share it with your readers. It’s a message for everyone. Peace to you, Lainey. (Mary)

Peace to you right back Mary.

Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com