Jacek says it’s a Boxster. Since Jacek and I aren’t having an Ultimate Sacrifice, he always says he’ll get a Cayman one day. A Cayman is cheaper than a child.

Robert Pattinson can afford several Caymans by now, I think?

Here he is in LA driving around in a Porsche. Laura just ripped her shirt off.

The photo caption from the agency on these images says:

Robert Pattinson leaving Kristen Stewart's house in Los Angeles, California.

Needless to say, the Twi-Hards are rubbing themselves with glee.

But these are the only 2 photos available (1 shot zoomed in close). And I don’t see a house. Confusing. Were they at her house and the photogs watched him leave? You can photograph any location that’s viewable from a public place.

Or was he spotted around the neighbourhood?

A mystery.

And a buffet!

As I always say, gossip is a buffet. “Robsten Shippsters” (am I saying that right?) will no doubt run with it as part of their ongoing fantasy that Bella and Edward are coming right off the pages.

Others will remain skeptical and demand a sex tape.

Some might attribute it to sales. Given that the Twilight Nation wants so badly to believe it, and everyone has to make money somehow, especially in this economy, the magazines and the agencies will tell the story that sells the best.

Self service, choose your own smut.

As for the hate mail…

Beyond calling me a “c-nt rat” and a bitch, according to Twi-Hards, I suck because I’m Chinese.

Now comes another explanation courtesy of Jillian K. Jillian K thinks I’m gay. This must be the only plausible reason I don’t lose my sh-t over the story about a girl who can do nothing else but faint and cry and pine over a boy vampire.


I want to like you, I really do but I dont get your trash talk about Twilight! I mean Twilight has brought nothing but MONEY to your town. Why wouldnt you as a resident hope to run into Rob Pattinson? Unless you are a lesbian? I mean he is the hottest guy in the U.S.A. So try talking trash about something else. The Twilight Saga book have sold more than Harry Potter, must mean something. I know gossip is your thing but talk sh-t about something else, something worth talking sh-t about. As for Nikki Reed, she is one hot bitch so I watched your effing back. Same with Kstew, sure she could take you down.

Trying to like you, but losing the fight the more you trash talk the Twilight cast.

Photos from INFdaily.com