Teen adoration is a curse. Robert Pattinson is feeling it right now.

He was supposed to begin shooting an independent feature with Dennis Hopper, Rosario Dawson, and the adorable Olivia Thirlby this month called Parts Per Billion, a departure from Twilight, and an opportunity for him to showcase that he’s more than just a sparkly pretty boy.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that Summit, which owns his life right now, is hellbent on capitalising on the Twilight series frenzy, considering that the film so far has grossed a surprising $250 million worldwide, Rob has had to drop out of Parts Per Billion due to scheduling conflicts with the shooting schedule for the sequel New Moon. Post production and promotion will follow filming and it’s no secret he spent the better part of 2008 on Twilight related business. Given that that formula was so successful the first time, it’s unlikely the studio will change things up. And they certainly won’t hesitate to pimp out their hot young property as much as possible. No time for much else.

Worse still, Pattinson had initially signed on for 3 movies which means there will be another one next year taking him well into 2010. So he’ll be Edward Cullen forever and, potentially, miss out on plum parts that could help him establish a foothold in the industry beyond the crazy fan girl and loser mom conventions that have distinguished his career so far.

In other words, he’s in danger of becoming Orlando Bloom. Dude, like, he has his own DOLL.

Is this irony? That what launched him could also very well hold him back? Poor guy.

On the bright side for those of you lusting for him – thank you for your messages – Rob hasn’t been seen since before Christmas after arriving in London, presumably opting to stay away from LA and the Lilo lurking there. This is good. Messing around in London is good. Misbehaving in London is even better. Where is Sienna?

File photos from Wenn.com